Upcoming Projects:
Our biggest project to date is just around the corner, keep your eyes peeled for 'Turning Tides' with Chris Weston- coming soon!
Plus, thanks to the enormous amount of positive feedback to 'In search of Owls' the sequel, set in Scotland, is in production!

In Search Of Owls
Everyone has a favourite animal, and to Ben that can only mean owls. There are 5 Owl species in the UK, and he’s on a crazy mission to find and film them all. With most species in decline, and every obstacle against him, time is running out to find them all…
Rewilding The West Country
Beavers, boar, and wild cats: how the reintroduction of lost species will dramatically change the biodiversity of Cornwall and Devon. From captive to free: this short film introduces us to the creatures that may soon roam the wilds, and less wild areas of the West country.
Life In the Tidal Zone​​​​​​​
A mini-doc revealing some amazing and little known Cornish crabs and their incredible adaptations and behaviours. We see them in their natural habitat and discover the difficulties of getting through a day when so many other animals want you for lunch.​​​​​​​
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