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About Me
A filmmaker and photographer with a love of the outdoors. Experienced in working in fast paced professional environments and creating engaging stories about our natural world. Self motivated and well used to most genres of the creative industry, as much at home in a high stress studio environment as on top of a mountain or under the sea.
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'Great wee film Ben. Lovely shots and beautifully edited. Keep up the great work! (rewilding the West Country)
 -Gordon Buchanan MBE
'This is so good. A quest, great photography, even some good music! ...have a watch! (In search of Owls)
-Chris Packham CBE
"The need you have identified is indeed a real one and your films meet it very well. Congratulations and best wishes for more" (Film by Cornwall Climate Care)
-Sir David Attenborough CBE
Centre Space
July 2023

Falmouth University 
June 2023
Marine and Natural History Photography Graduate Exhibition. 
Organised and co-ran the exhibition with a group of creators, screened 'In Search of Owls' and displayed a selection of prints.

Falmouth University Marine and Natural History Photography BA Graduate Exhibition. 
The first official screening of  'In Search of Owls'.

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